Online Hearing Test Tips
Use headphones if possible.
Since the test is designed to detect hearing loss without the use of devices, hearing aids should not be worn during the test.
Adjust the audio output to a volume that suits you. Do not readjust the volume at a later stage.
Take the test in a quiet place.

Online Hearing Test Instructions
Speech and background noises will be played in both ears.
This will be followed by a random spoken combination of three digits with noise interference.
If there is anything you do not understand, click the button with the question mark.
If you enter a digit by mistake, you can click on the arrow button to correct it.
You can click on digits directly or enter them using the keypad on your computer keyboard.
If you hear brief interruptions in the audio output, your internet connection may not be fast enough.
The hearing test is only valid if you take it in your mother tongue or a language you understand very well.

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Important: This current procedure is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis; it tests your hearing in an everyday situation and therefore only provides information on the general status of your hearing.

Note on data protection: The results of the online hearing test are stored completely anonymously for the purpose of evaluating the digital offer without any traceability to you. After the evaluation, this data will be deleted.